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Posted on Jul 19 2022 7:06.13AM

After days of coding i finally finished our own bug reporting system on the GridPlay Production support portal.
Please visit

Posted on Jul 18 2022 8:25.58AM

GridPlay Production phone support

We ran into a issue with our phone support provider so debbie and i are debating right now to either look for another provider or scrap the whole phone support feature.

If you need immediate support please use our live chat on our support portal (chat bubble at the bottom right of most gridplay sites) or join our discord.

Thank you.

Posted on Jul 15 2022 9:32.30AM

GridPlay Productions now has its own ticket support system.
Logins right now does require a dot net account which requires a secondlife avatar but i do got plans to allow Discord logins soon.
If you need assistance and do not own a secondlife account please reach out by live chat or phone/text on our support portal website.

Posted on Jul 08 2022 9:18.15AM

There is a Canada wide outage right now for those using Rogers Telecommunications which means our phone support is offline. Please use our live chat button in the bottom right corner on the main site if you need any GridPlay assistance.

Posted on Jul 07 2022 10:26.09AM

SO what is Avi Social Life?
Well it's my attempt at making a social networking website for SecondLife residents

Why should we join it?
It's free to use, you can post like you do on twitter on facebook. Can (or will be able to) upload pics. Make friends and meet new people.

Why is this different then other social media platforms for SecondLife?
We use the latest technology such as the latest PHP and use the famous Laravel PHP Framework. No wordpress and Laravel is always patching exploits. We also use MariaDB for our database.

Is my data secured?
Yes and no. There's always going to be a exploit found in any programming language. We try to minize the risk of data being exposed by using the latest in php tech and only store your SecondLife username and UUID which anyone can get within the virtual world. Your site password is encrypted before it is stored using Argon2 encryption algorithm which right now is the securest way to hide your password in the database. Ven wont even know your raw password and he/she is the only one with database access.

I really should make this as a FAQ but for now thats mostly all the questions i could think of that you all may have.
This site is still in alpha tests but please join if you like to see watch the development of this site and help me test features. Feedback always welcome. Please check out our parent company for our JIRA site to submit feedback.

Thanks with lots of love from Ven.